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Dandelion Warrior Project M.A.T.H. Make Art Things Happen

Make Art.
Things Happen.

It's not rocket science

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M.A.T.H., Make Art. Things Happen., is an activist art organization, founded by Marie Cartier, dedicated to changing the world one piece at a time. (It's not rocket science.) M.A.T.H. does installation art and art pieces that promote social change through interaction with the viewer/ participant. M.A.T.H. believes that through making and participating in art you can make things happen.

M.A.T.H. often, but not always, collaborates with other organizations- such as MORGASM, Dandelion Warrior, see links on this site.

For more information about M.A.T.H., contact Marie Cartier by e-mail at marie@mariecartier.com.


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