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Marie Cartier is a widely published poet. Some of her poems have appeared in Culture Concrete, Eidos, Phoebe, Central Park, The Round Table, Earth's Daughter, Pudding, Sinister Wisdom, Kalliope, Heresies, New Kent Quarterly, Colorado State Review and in the following anthologies: What's A Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Relationship Like This?, Cries of the Spirit, More Golden Apples, Wanting Women, Only Morning in Her Shoes, and Poetry of Sex.


COME OUT, COME OUT, WHEREVER YOU ARE It is Halloween night. Cindy Carlton, a successful lesbian lawyer, fights with her lover because Cindy dropped a child custody case when she found out that her client was a lesbian. She feared that her own lesbianism might come out in courtroom. We see Cindy's past--working at Legal Aid, helping her best friend, Kevin, whose lover has AIDS fight for food stamps, etc., and we see her meet her very political lover--Ellen, a midwife. The Major Gay Heavens also see her history. Queen Boudica, the Celt who led the largest peasant revolution against British rule in 60 A.D., is charged with finding the perfect modern case of apathy--a case for which direct intervention would be appropriate (re: Christmas Carol). She selects Cindy and comes knocking at her door. Joan of Arc and others arrive to put Cindy on trial and transport her through the ghosts of gay and lesbian past, present and future. Finally, Cindy's sentence is the time tunnel where she is transported to a futuristic style quarantine camp for gay men and lesbians. The events there shatter her. The play intends to leave gay and lesbian people with a sense of their tremendous participation in and creation of contemporary culture, science, and technology. And to suggest that one of the biggest steps in that creation is to "come out, come out, wherever you are." Originally published by Dialogus Press, 1995 (currently out of print).

STUMBLING INTO LIGHT Explores one woman's healing path from sexual abuse, using poetry, monologue, dialogue, and Greek chorus. Originally published by Dialogus Press, 1995 (currently out of print).

LEAVE A LIGHT ON WHEN YOU GO OUT Explores issues of violence against women, with humor and drama. Soundtrack available. (Also radio performance available). MFA thesis script from Colorado State. Performance poetry. Originally published by Dialogus Press, 1995 (currently out of print).

FREEZE COUNT Based on actual oral histories from the Wyoming Women's Center, Wyoming's maximum security prison for women. Premiere performance was directed by the author, with an all inmate cast. Originally published by Dialogus Press, 1995 (currently out of print).

CLOSER TO HOME Humorous play in which a daughter tries to find common ground with her mother. A traditional play except the daughter is a lesbian. Originally published by Dialogus Press, 1995 (currently out of print).

For more information, contact Marie Cartier by e-mail at marie@mariecartier.com.


Copyright 2005 Marie Cartier. All rights reserved. Photo by: Los Angeles Women's Theater Festival, staff photographer