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Marie Cartier created the Dandelion Warrior project, a movement for incest survivors who make a commitment not to kill themselves, with groups meeting in California and Colorado. The Dandelion Warrior project includes research, writing workshops, theater presentations and classes.

At Marie's poetry readings, she gives survivors the option of giving up suicide and has them stand up at the end while she presents them with medals (if s/he makes a decision not to kill themselves). To date, there are 1500+ Dandelion Warriors in the U.S.


Dandelion Children
For All Survivors
- by Marie Cartier

I am looking for dandelion children. I am missing a sacred site.
Home. I am looking for dandelion children. Home. Family
Sacred. I am looking for you.

I tell you

the world will not crack

you will not die

You will survive.

I mean this.

You will survive

the telling. you survived

the living.

We were dandelion children. Long-branched strong

roots. Impossible to kill

a dandelion.

Dandelion children live any

where they can

Fragile seeds. but they suck into the soil.

They hold on.

We were not meant to survive.

Shooting green and spiky

from the cracks in the sidewalk.

But. Dandelion children, well,

we make it. We are "OK." We are "fine."

We hold on.

And having done so

I hold your hand. You are more than "OK."

bright singing yellow green

life. Spring.

Deep roots push you into light.

Light. I tell you. you will survive the telling.

The world will not crack.

I will not leave.

We will survive.

We were not meant to. But

having done so, we bloom.

Oh, we bloom.

- Marie Cartier

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I Am YOur Daughter, Not Your Lover,
by Marie Cartier
published by Clothespin Fever Press,
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Dandelion Warrior graphic by Marie Cartier, 1994 and David, a Dandelion Warrier. Thanks, David!