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Dandelion Warrior Project M.A.T.H. Make Art Things Happen

Make Art.
Things Happen.

It's not rocket science

The following was a M.A.T.H. installation piece. The text was printed on see-through acetate, and installed over all of the bathroom mirrors at Claremont Graduate University¹s Art Department Building, Claremont, California, 2001. When people entered the bathroom, they read through the acetate, looking at their own face. The text is designed to be read in real time, meaning the events described in the text are also happening in the time it takes to read the piece, ideally making each reading of the piece interactive in real time for the viewer.

What Is the Most Humane Way To Murder Someone?

what is the most humane way to murder someone? when do you decide to intervene when someone else is crying? how do you react to the news that a woman is being raped every thirty seconds? that is one woman has been raped since you have been reading this..forcible sexual assault her legs forced open and entered either dead calm or struggling fighting or dead for real and now two women have been raped and now if you went back and read this out loud to someone saying hey listen to this shit- goddammit I am so sick of this feminist crap all the time or you said my god listen to this by the time you got to the end then three women would be raped even if you read fast -do you feel hopeless yet? or do you feel like you should train to be on a rape hotline? or do you decide that you will talk to your friend who has been raped because someone you know has -unless you have no friends...in which case you have acquaintances...who have been raped -do you feel like screaming yet? because you can be a guy in love with a woman and she can get raped. you can be a guy and get raped...my brother was. I was --some of my friends have been. people I don't know well have been ..i mean, wham, what am I doing, ..well...you know this is an old fbi statistic..a woman is raped every 30 seconds...so...i think maybe you can make art out of it..and maybe it is something, we talked about it all the time in the 70's..and don¹t talk about it now..but it is still happening it hasn't changed i read that recently. the fbi stat is still the same..and if you've read this far this is how many women have been raped in the united states: approximately six. it makes you so sad, huh? it just makes you so sad and makes you so scared and then maybe angry because what after all are you gonna do? go nuts? go crazy? crazy? crazy? that's just too easy really..i think..i think we should make art and things happen. i mean you can scream... god. screaming helps or you can take a magic marker and some paper and make something..you can talk to someone then do something with the information she or he gives you..if everyone who read this did one thing instead of nothing something would happen. we're up to about eight women now..and I can just keep going on and on and on so this is really terrible: terrifying...terrorism: not safe everyone is scared of this...men...women: no one wants to talk about it or deal with how almost every woman walks to her car in the parking garage scared...or runs to her car, has her keys ready...knows of a friend who got raped because...because ...someone wanted to rape her...and she just didn't get away fast enough: why isn't every first grade girl taught how to fight back instead of how to be a lady...that's what I want to know: because nothing is the same after you have been raped...taken apart and put back together by someone else. I don't know.

I think it's very simplistic: actually: I think if we love people we love women we love them enough to do something simple like loving people enough to do something.

For more information about M.A.T.H., contact Marie Cartier by e-mail at marie@mariecartier.com.


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